Nice To Meet You!

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The Buffalo Blogging Network had our very first meeting last week.  In true Buffalo fashion, we held our event at Resurgence Brewing Company.  If you haven’t been there, you need to ASAP.  Great location, fantastic drinks, and a nice cozy place to spend time with friends.

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There were about 15 of us that showed up, which we thought was a fantastic turnout, especially for the very first meeting!  A big thanks to Ashley from Morning Glory and Jessica from Tracing Paper taking the reigns on the first meetup…you ladies are great!

 photo 07341C6F-648F-4426-911D-BACBA53EC760.jpg

 photo 1D2672E5-4C69-4315-8666-6C112F2A0CC9.jpg

Of course I had to get up close and personal with some of Buffalo’s finest bloggers…do you recognize some of these lovely smiling faces?

 photo 8BE6641A-E54D-42F6-925B-6D9BA74F906D.jpg

A Dose of Travel, Miss Minus Sized

 photo 471B6356-8B7D-40C8-B5E0-15E23ED746BC.jpg

Queen City Gypsy, Rise Collaborative

 photo D55F2D94-4FE8-4C78-8ABD-7481FB8BBBD7.jpg

Billy & Pat Vlog

 photo 03394727-44D9-4A9E-B95B-89D3E8EA2EEA.jpg

Tracing Paper, Morning Glory, Yeah! Buffalo

 photo AE2C63B3-E549-4A10-A1F2-D45CF7501EF3.jpg

Nickel City Pretty & NKM Styling

A huge thank you again to Resurgence for hosting our meetup!  You all were so great and welcoming.

Just a reminder, if you couldn’t make it to the first meetup, stay tuned for news about our next event!

-Lindsay, Nickel City Pretty

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